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Welcome to ANNOBIKE - the coolest and most reliable eBike from Copenhagen!

An eBike that is both original, cool and safe - and in the best quality.
A1 is an awesome fat-tire eBike with all the right components and specs to ensure a ride that will bring a smile on your face!
A1 is the first Danish eBike to have an original frame and patented design. 

Ride out, be inspired and return recharged - every time... 


Bafang motor G060 series. Available in 250W and 750W

Samsung battery with 48V. Available with 14,5A or 17,5A

Adjustable air shocks at the rear suspension

Adjustable dual crowned shocks at the front 

Adjustable dirt bike front stem and handlebar

Horizontal and vertical adjustable seat

Powerful concealed battery with integrated battery-indicator

Battery lock

Disc brakes with the option of mechanic and hydraulic lever

Covered charger socket

TFT color screen 

Puncture resistant tires

GPS tracking-device allowing you to deactivate your bike in case of theft

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Get the thrill and comfort of A1 - your new companion in urban mobility.
The strong battery will get you were you need to go - city cruising or off-road.

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